Billet Force Cylinder Heads

VED's industry leading Billet Force cylinder heads power many of the top engines in competition today.  From ANDRA Pro Stock to NTPA Truck Pulling you need only look to the top of the leaderboard to find a set of our Billet Force cylinder heads.

When winning is absolutely necessary and maximum performance from your engine is essential, VED Billet Force cylinder heads are the answer.

Ford FE
Ford 5.0" Bore Spacing
Ford 4.900" Bore Spacing
GM 5.300" Bore Spacing
Mopar 4.460" Bore Spacing
Ford 4.380" Bore Spacing
GM 4.500" Bore Spacing
GM 4.400" Bore Spacing
GM 5.0" Bore Spacing
Chevrolet V6 4.400" Bore Spacing