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Visner Engine Development, LLC
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Saranac, MI 48881
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Billet Intake Manifolds

When Visner Engine Development was founded, custom intake manifolds were the focus of the company. Today VED uses many years of experience to create some of the best performing and most beautiful intakes on the market.

CNC machined flanges, runners, and lids are mated to billet plenums combine to form a proven recipe for performance. Each manifold is fully customized to the customer’s specific needs. Runner length, plenum size, and countless other factors are optimized to provide maximum performance in each unique application.

Carbureted or fuel injected, naturally aspirated or forced induction, V-8 or inline 4 cylinder, VED manifolds can be found on almost every kind of engine, in every type of motorsport; proving each weekend that if you need to win, there is simply no substitute.

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