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Oval Throttle Body - Single 5" Inlet V-BAND

oval throttle body

Oval Throttle Body - Single 5" Inlet V-BAND

Oval Throttle Body - Single 5" Inlet V-BAND

PLEASE NOTE: This throttle body needs to be properly used and matched to the other components on the vehicle.


  • Extra return spring REQUIRED
    Amount of return spring depends on application, throttle design, and driver preference
  • Rigid positive throttle stop on pedal
    Throttle should not be forced past fully open
  • Toe loop on pedal
    For positive manual throttle return
  • A well-designed throttle system
    We recommend a Morse-style cable
  • Boosted applications need cold pipe pressure relief set at or below 80psi


Additional items available from VED:

  • Extra lever
  • Lever extension 3/4” and 2”
  • Entries
    Single 4”
    Single 5” (V-Band and Weld-On)
    Dual 3”
    Dual 3.5” (Dual O-Ring and Weld-On)
    Dual 4”
    Dual 3” T

Part#: 550202

Price: $715.00